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Our History

Here in the "Gulch" we have a rich history. We are lucky to have many long time residents still living in this area who have witnessed the growth and expansion and all the many changes that have taken place over the years.  The stories they tell and the documents they share paint an amazing picture of what Cougar Gulch once was and how it came to be today. Even some of the original buildings in the area are still standing and have had their history passed down by the owners. We are always seeking additional historical information and will continue to add it to this page as we receive it. 


If you have something to share please contact us at, or bring it to the next event you attend and give to a board member.  Thank you so much to everyone who has shared so far! We really appreciate it!

***Date of document unknown at this time. If you have information on this, please let us know!

Pictured below are the are the final Board Members from the original Farmer's Union before it was dissolved.

Minutes recorded from the first Board meeting of the Cougar Gulch Community Hall after the Farmer's Union was dissolved.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Rodius Family History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The Rodius family was one of the first to homestead land in the Cougar Gulch area. They were instrumental in the developement of this area and our community. Nicholaus Rodius and wife Nellie Benson, raised three children on their land. One daughter Lucia, and two boys, Sam and Emil.  Sam Rodius continued the farm after his parents, passing and continued his efforts for the community. His obituary is included here. Below you will also find the history of the Rodius Family Farm, written by their daughter Lucia around 1980. She would have been approximately 89 years old at the time of the writing. She lived to be an amazing 99 years old before her passing in 1997. Because of the length of the story, you must click the button to open it.  It is a fascinating story that dipicts the struggles, challenges and adventures they encountered while creating their home and life here in Cougar Gulch, and how so much of their work paved the way for the community we know and love today.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Thompson Family History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Benjamin "Harry" Thompson with wife Elsie Thompson

This photo was taken in 1986. Elsie passed away 2 years later, in 1988. Her obituary is posted here. Her husband Harry died just one year later on Nov. 20th, 1989.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bittleston Family History ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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