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Registered Membership is an essential part of our community. The annual fee to become a registered member is $25  a year per household if paid between January and March, and $30 per year if paid between April and December. The dues paid provide the means to manage and maintain the Hall, pay taxes, utilities and insurance.  It also provides the funding needed to host all the wonderful events we enjoy throughout the year. 


In addition to funding our Hall, your dues earn you some great perks!  Members  can rent the Meadowbrook Hall for personal events at a reduced rate of only $75 per day. See our page about the Meadowbrook Hall for more information on renting. We hope you will become a registered member and join us in support of our community!



Click the form below to print the membership form, or mail your check or money order  with your name and address  and contact information to:


  SRMPA Treasurer

  5900 W. Heine Road

  Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 



Or, you can now pay with a credit card at our secure Square site by clicking the button below.

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