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Welcome to our Cougar Gulch Community website. Our community is as rich in history as it is in scenic and natural beauty. From the open meadows to the forested mountains, folks have been residing in this area for over 100 years. This historic neighborhood is one of the oldest in Coeur d’Alene, and its past and current residents have greatly influenced the development of the city. From supplying food and shelter to the Fort Sherman soldiers, providing farm goods for the local area to the present day mix of people from all walks of life, this diverse community is still vibrant.

Currently, this thriving neighborhood is the place over 350 residents call home. The heart of our community is the Meadowbrook Hall, also known as the Sam Rodius Memorial Park Association (SRMPA),  dedicated as a memorial for the community-minded Sam by the five local farmers that purchased it. The Hall and the almost five acres it sits on was perpetually set aside for our neighborhood use and gathering. The historic building used to be a one-room school, and has housed countless barn dances, politician and farmers’ meetings, receptions, reunions, parties, and community get-togethers over the past several decades.


Hardcover, padded,  binder- style cookbook with hundreds of timeless and delicious recipes contributed by residents of Cougar Gulch, past and present. Click the orange button above to securely pay online. In the memo box during payment, please leave your contact information so one of our board members can deliver this special cookbook to you! 

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